Monday, October 27, 2008

new style! more from Pascale!

I have been yearning for new photos of my longsleeve twirl dress! Ellie here has grown quite a few inches since the last time Pascale had photographed the shortsleeve version.
Thank you so much for fitting in this shoot, I think it beautifully captures the playful, cozy, encouraging designs that I intend for my wearers to enjoy, wherever their journeys may take them.

I love these layered over leggings or jeans, and as a great layer under a fun vest or cardigan!
On to the next journey!

Monday, October 20, 2008

birthday babe!

Thank you Rachel!

autumn hats by annie chu

I asked my mom to knit some autumn hats to coordinate with my Halloween Bat print collection.
Photographs of course by the very talented Pascale Wowak and modeled by her beautiful children. Miss Ellie is a Halloween baby herself (soon to be 4)!!!

More shots featuring the clothing soon! Enjoy!

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