Thursday, June 30, 2011

DV Design & Photography

Do you know how happy it made me to find out that Dustin, who not only is a photographer and graphic designer, also makes jewelry from vintage and found parts!? An all-around artist!

He made the necklace here with the eyeglasses, and they match the dress so perfectly!!

Also, our little model here already had quite a courtneycourtney collection!
Thank you!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am so appreciative of the creative designers and artists I've met through courtneycourtney!

As you probably know, I resew and repurpose used and unwanted clothing and fabrics into dresses and other items. I upcycle.
Another source of fabric has been OOPS prints and unsellable shirts.
Misprints, or irregularities in fabrics happen quite often!

You may already know of KLT:works. And her work is also a Cool Mom Picks pick! ( I LOVE CMP! )
I just got a fun batch of oops prints and couldn't wait to sew them up!

These and more coming soon to the emails!!

Make sure to check out what else is in store in the KLTworks etsy store!

Thank you Kristin!!!

2 years later : one-shoulder flutter

I totally forgot about this one-shoulder flutter sleeve style I designed
in June 2009!

Until today when Angie from Treasures for Tots shared these photos!
The dress fits nicely on top now, two years later :)
It could be a little longer in length, isn't it darling!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

5th birthday!

This 5 birthday dress is actually on its second wearer, Miss B!
Happy Birthday!!
We've enjoyed watching you grow year after year, more beautiful every day!

And her gorgeous cousin wears the 8/10 tie dress with astraflora print :D

a skirt for WrenWillow

Marla of WrenWillow sends me her oops prints, that I often resew into dresses.
It was time to make Wren an ultimate print skirt!!
online store:

Happy Father's Day 2011 : Treasures for Tots

I couldn't find a pic of the exact dress that Serenity is wearing here, but I know I had found two of these shirts and made them about the same time, October 2008!

Styled and photographed by Treasures for Tots!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


100% of the final sale price will support the American Red Cross.

My friend Cristy of paperlili sent over a couple shirts, this 'rocket scientist' shirt is not currently available, but I am really excited to have incorporated it into a dress:

Bid here:

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