Sunday, September 26, 2010

vintage mix : rollerskating panda cardigan

I was doing some vintage shopping and found this rollerskating panda cardigan -- had to have it!
I was inspired to create a dress that could be worn with it, in this case by the circles of the rollerskate wheels. I wanted there to be a bit of dimension, and my usual comfort and ease to wear.

Here is the cardigan!

And here is the dress I made!

Here they are together!

And here they are on a favorite little muse :D

Thank you for the photos Kim!

With just a little hunting and searching you can find some wonderful pieces to mix and match with new (well, upcycled) dresses! Check out 3ringcircus for more cool vintage childrens finds!! Nostaligic and fun, green and cool.


ringmaster said...

i love this! you did such an amazing job pairing all the recycled elements together!

courtneycourtney said...

That was so fun!! I'm already looking forward to the next outfit! :D

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