Sunday, September 26, 2010

new style: the best vest!

It's got a shawl collar!
I don't gather as many sweatshirts from the thrift store as I do tshirts and knits, but sometimes I can't resist. And sometimes you just need a cozy layer to tie snug!

Introducing the best vest :D Tie it in the back and let the front drape, or tie it around the front like a robe.

This green one is a 5/6.
Recycled and pieced knits.
10" from underarm to bottom hem on side.

sold out - thank you!

Gentle wash cold, hang dry.
No iron.

Model photography of the 'best vest' by SydneyRae Photography!

All COURTNEYCOURTNEY clothing ordered by you are for your own private and domestic use only and are not for resale.

best vest design / pattern © courtneycourtney 2010.

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