Tuesday, April 7, 2009

new 6/7 twirl photos by Jenny Gironda!

I love etsy for bringing together creative people!
And her gorgeous little redhead model?  Adorable.
See more size 6/7's in store.

Thank you so much! 


ZozoBugBaby said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos!!!!!! What a gorgeous little redhead!!!

Sicking Family said...

Hi Courtney, I love your clothes! However, I have a baby boy! He is 13 months old-do you have any boy clothes at all? Please let me know-I love your style! jessicagoodwyn99@hotmail.com or sickingfamily.blogspot.com


Jenny Gironda said...

My little model gave me about 10 minutes, and that was with an ice cream bribe! Courtney, I just blogged about your designs...we truly LOVE them.

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