Saturday, August 29, 2009

if you could only choose one...

If you could only get one piece from my collection :( , I would suggest a longsleeve twirl dress.
And here's all the ways why!
  • cooler nights with sandals
  • athletic chic with hi-tops and hoodie
  • knee socks and galoshes on a rainy day
  • printed leggings and mary janes
  • perfect layer under a cardigan
  • bright layer under a vest
  • tunic over jeans 
  • layer between scratchy sweaters
  • funky knee socks and ballet flats
Miss S shows us how!  
Back to school = back to the east coast !   
Jenny has been taking these wonderful photos in Southern California this Summer.
I love all the different places I get to see through photography.  Thank you!

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Angela said...

Have I mentioned how jealous I am of Jenny?

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