Monday, September 28, 2009

great kate!

I know I know.... "Do you make boys clothing?"
Sometimes I do! I am not sure why, but boys clothing takes me 3x as long.
I spend hours pondering about which of my fabrics and colors are "boyish,"
meanwhile I really want to save the boyish colors for my girls dresses!
This handsome boy is wearing 24m raglan top and cuffed short pants.
And delightful baby girl is wearing 12m chevron printed raglan tunic dress and 6m pants.

Photography by the amazing Kate Callahan! Thank you so much!


Chrissee said...

I am Taryn's mom (the little girl). I absolutely LOVE your work and that outfit! I wish you were accepting custom orders because I'd send you ALL of my husband billion track/cross country t-shirts and pay you to go to town! ;-)


courtneycourtney said...

Hi Christina!!
Hopefully I can get back to doing some custom work soon!

Taryn's SOOO adorable!! Funky fresh :D
Take care! and thank you so much for sharing your model!!

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