Sunday, March 21, 2010

contest: CC in a Room!

Hello courtneycourtney fans! Personal style extends beyond just an outfit, we want to see those superbly decorated rooms! Show us your CC in a room, see the examples below. All room photos will remain anonymous.

You may show CC dresses gotten off the market and gifts as well. Submissions will be posted to the courtneycourtney fanpage (in this album) as they are submitted for sharing, but voting takes place on the blog here.

Voting will be open during April 26-30th.

Winner with most votes will receive an extremely limited edition handcut circles silkscreen pillow for your stylish abode.

Your JPG image must be less than 1mb.

Submit ONE photo of your cc in a room, to info.courtneycourtney AT by midnight, April 25th, 2010.

Choose carefully! The first photo received will be your entry. Now get to styling!

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