Saturday, April 24, 2010

All around the world !!

Ooooooooh ! How fun are these? Bold, colorful, comfy and creative playtime - the reasons I design my clothing the way I do!

Photography by Kris McCann! Lovely little ladies in courtneycourtney, all the way in Sydney, Australia!

Thank you so much Kris, hope to get more dresses your way!
Where will cc pop up next??


Olivia_p said...

Hello Courteny, I´m Olivia from Sapin, snif snif, It turns out to me impossible to obtain another dress for my girl (6y), always every sold out is, snif,
I believe that you do not accept orders for the present time, but I would be charmed with buying again other dress for my girl, have a nice week!

courtneycourtney said...

Olivia - I still remember your photos of your daughter in her whale dress!! Please email me!

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