Monday, May 3, 2010

THE winning CC in a ROOM!

You voted, and here is the winning room!!
I learned that this room was entirely decorated for less than $1000! Vintage treasures, antique finds and a little elbow grease go a LONG way!!

And at a VERY close 2nd:

I'm so proud of all the wonderful entries, so many different styles and tastes all over the world! The creativity and excitement are so inspiring. Thank you!!! This was so fun! I can't wait till the next contest!


Mary said...

Both rooms -- heck, ALL rooms!!! -- were GORGEOUS! I will say the wild west room (not sure the 'name') was the one that after I had taken what I thought to be dynamite pix of my girls' CC dresses, I took one look at that pix and said, "FORGET IT!!!" And kudos to you for decorating for such a fab price! We have used a professional decorator for both of our last two houses and I didn't even think my kiddos' room could compete after I saw your pic! Way to GOOOOOOOOOO!!!

melanie said...

just wanna say.. your blog header is SO cute!

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