Monday, November 29, 2010

ISO : stylist + photographer ! vintage style :D

You know how inspired I get by vintage finds!

I just got this cute vest from 3ringcircus!
And I plan to make a coordinating dress of course :D

This vest is a size 3/4.
Are you a photographer? With a size 3/4 model?
Send me a photo of your model and your website, and tell me how you would style this sweater vest + cc dress.
Also please tell me how long you think it will take you to photograph the set.

You will get to keep both!! The sooner you can shoot, the better!

So, send your photo, link to your work, time frame, and how you'd style a cc shoot to

I do get a lot of requests, so now's your chance! Who knows what it could lead to...

Here are some previous projects:

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coolkids said...

What a fun fun idea!! LOVe it! Wish my kids were this size for the vest b/c you could do some FUN FUN things.

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