Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Bamboletta holiday!

'you're working on vacation?!?'

When I tell friends that I am taking my sewing machine on vacation, that is the typical response. But I never really see it that way, I guess that is just how much I love to sew, design and do what I do. There is something about creating (and for me the same could be said about exercising) that I get antsy and eager when I don't get to make things after a day or so. I did scale down and focus on Bamboletta clothing during this stretch, of course I will be sharing girls dresses as usual.

Enjoy the photos! I know there are plenty of new Bambos in your households all over the world right now :)

Pick most of these up online at tonight, at midnight central!

By the way, I think some of these will work for your boy dolls!

Booties by CiteFuzz!

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