Friday, December 31, 2010

ISO : childrens photographer with studio

I live in the Midwest for the most part. Y'all live all around the world!
The weather doesn't always cooperate, and I don't like to think of models being overheated in longsleeves in the Summer, freezing in the Winter for outdoor shoots.

Are you a photographer? With an indoor studio? Or a cool indoor space with lots of light?
I would love to see your work!
Also please tell me average your turnaround time.
{I get antsy and can't wait to see your photos!}

You will get to keep the clothing if you wish, so please also tell me your models' sizes.

So, send links to your work, time frame, and sizes/ages to

I do get a lot of requests, so now's your chance! Who knows what it could lead to...

These first two are some past indoor shoots:
Melissa MacDonald -

You may remember these cool shots by Pascale Wowak of last year's winning circle silkscreen contest and a dress featuring the print!

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