Friday, July 26, 2013

THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD: A short story contest!

The fabrics used to make each of my dresses have stories.
I love hearing that your little ones have experienced
a lot of ‘firsts’ in their courtneycourtney dresses.

The dress she wore the first time she rode her bike without training wheels!
The dress she wore the first time she discovered sea life.
The dress she wore while singing in front of the whole school.
The dress she wore on her first day of school.

Each dress has a story.
What will yours be?

As each dress has a past,
my dream is that each dress helps to enrich an imaginative future.

Let’s hear their stories!
Take a photo of a short story they wrote,
or type/write down a story they told you aloud.  
Appropriate content, does not have to be cc dress-related.

There will be 5 winners:

one special judge’s favorite!

my favorite!
3 random winners!

Your child could win:
- a courtneycourtney dress with this print!
- tshirt with print
- vintage linen bag with print
- $30 gift certificates to the store for more dresses!

One entry per child.
Submit your entry (must be under 1mb/one page)
to info.courtneycourtney [at]
with subject “the greatest story ever told”
by midnight CST Wednesday, July 31st.  
Winners will be announced that Friday :D

Entries will be shared in a facebook album and on


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