Friday, December 31, 2010

{courtneycourtney} perpetual dance party

Photo by Jenny Gironda :
See the original post :

{courtneycourtney} outrageously incredible

Photo by Angie of Treasures for Tots:
More about this outfit:

{courtneycourtney} non-stop optimism

photography by Barbara Decré :

ISO : childrens photographer with studio

I live in the Midwest for the most part. Y'all live all around the world!
The weather doesn't always cooperate, and I don't like to think of models being overheated in longsleeves in the Summer, freezing in the Winter for outdoor shoots.

Are you a photographer? With an indoor studio? Or a cool indoor space with lots of light?
I would love to see your work!
Also please tell me average your turnaround time.
{I get antsy and can't wait to see your photos!}

You will get to keep the clothing if you wish, so please also tell me your models' sizes.

So, send links to your work, time frame, and sizes/ages to

I do get a lot of requests, so now's your chance! Who knows what it could lead to...

These first two are some past indoor shoots:
Melissa MacDonald -

You may remember these cool shots by Pascale Wowak of last year's winning circle silkscreen contest and a dress featuring the print!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Bamboletta holiday!

'you're working on vacation?!?'

When I tell friends that I am taking my sewing machine on vacation, that is the typical response. But I never really see it that way, I guess that is just how much I love to sew, design and do what I do. There is something about creating (and for me the same could be said about exercising) that I get antsy and eager when I don't get to make things after a day or so. I did scale down and focus on Bamboletta clothing during this stretch, of course I will be sharing girls dresses as usual.

Enjoy the photos! I know there are plenty of new Bambos in your households all over the world right now :)

Pick most of these up online at tonight, at midnight central!

By the way, I think some of these will work for your boy dolls!

Booties by CiteFuzz!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

super-stripes! inspired by illustration!

I received this AWESOME drawing from a talented little artist!

I was so inspired I created this dress:

And here Serenity shows us how she wears her stripes!


And, Serenity's vest is from 3ringcircus!
Also check out Treasures for Tots!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

vintage mix : vest + dress

The 3rd installment of courtneycourtney's vintage mix!
Here is the dress I created, inspired by this vintage vest.

I found this sweet red vest at 3ringcircus!

And now we will see it on a model!!
By Mud Goddess Photography:
A children's and family portraiture photographer from Covington, Kentucky.

Thank you ladies! It's so inspiring to see all these different designs and finds come together.

See past vintage mixes:


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