Sunday, January 2, 2011

bamboletta clothing by courtneycourtney : FAQs

When is the next courtneycourtney Bamboletta clothing upload?
I don't know. I get this question a lot! I like to have them when I have a good little collection done, and when I know I will be at the computer (this is always iffy, see below).
I've always been one to create when the mood strikes! Sometimes it's doll clothing, a lot of times it's girls dresses.

Do I make matching childrens + doll outfits? No, and not intentionally. As I am working with repurposing fabrics it IS very likely that doll clothing will have the same fabric as a dress.
Like this:

No reserves, but stay tuned as the same fabric is probably in my working piles.
(Yea... somewhere in there!)

I always miss the uploads!

courtneycourtney customers are all around the world!!! So I do try to vary my release times, combined with my odd sleeping hours... I also work full time during the day at another job, please read more about this here :

I do have a nice little collection ready to go, let's aim for .... tomorrow, Monday morning (1/3) at 8:30am central?

For those of you new to courtneycourtney, WELCOME! I really only release my doll clothing in drops, not my girls dresses. Please 'like' my facebook page and follow cc on twitter to get the notifications for those!

Thanks! ♥cc

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Chris said...

Awesome! I really like the doll clothes collection! It's very trendy and hip. It's perfect for my little American girl. Doll clothes and accessories are her favorite items this time. She's fascinated with awesome American girl dolls. Clothes that are in stripes, like shown in the photos in this blog, are her Christmas wish list too.

Thanks for sharing! Love them all!

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