Wednesday, January 12, 2011

paperlili + courtneycourtney for bamboletta

Delighted to finally reveal this collaboration!
Embellished by paperlili, yes THAT paperlili!
In my courtneycourtney flutter sleeve styles for your Bamboletta 15" dolls!

These will go live on Friday, January 14th, noon central, here on my blog!

Mary janes by Treasures for Tots!


MeredithM said...

I'm sorry if I just overlooked something, but will they be on the blog as in who comments first, or how will the buying on the blog work.

I'm so in love!!!! It's almost 11:30 here, so I can't scream out loud, but if I could I would.....

courtneycourtney said...

Hi Meredith, there will be paypal 'add to cart' links accompanying each romper or dress. Good luck!

MeredithM said...

Thank you!!!

Angie@treasures for tots said...


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